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The Goblin Market: The Demon's Lexicon Ship Wars
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If you have signed up but not joined the community yet, please do so. You do not have to watch the comm (although we recommend that you do, at least after sign ups are over) but if you don't join, you won't be able to vote on submissions.

Please do not join the community without signing up. You can watch it, and you will be able to read most or all posts, but only members will be able to vote on submissions. You do not have to sign up as an active participant to join in - you can sign up for Team Demon which allows you to participate in bonus rounds and vote on submissions without being obligated to finish a submission yourself. To sign up, go here.

For those who don't know, The Demon's Lexicon trilogy (TDL) is a series of books by Sarah Rees Brennan about a hidden world within our own of magicians, demons, and ordinary people who try to get by as best they can (preferably by carrying a large knife. Or two.)

Ship Wars is a fanfic festival/challenge, in which people form teams based on their favourite pairing within TDL and then attempt to prove their ship's superiority in a fight to the death squee. What does a fight to the squee involve? Lots and lots of fic. And art, vids, fanmixes or anything else you are inclined towards. And it involves less in the way of angst and pain, and more by way of mutual enjoyment and porn respect.

Ship War members will compete by submitting fannish works for their team and then voting on the submissions, as well as through engagement in bonus rounds and discussion on the main comm. The idea is to mingle, have fun, and celebrate the many diverse ships in this fandom.

In case I wasn't clear, this is not a place for character or pairing bashing. DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU ARE NOT OPEN TO OTHER PAIRINGS. This is a celebration of TDL and all its awesome characters, and it is an exercise in inter-pairing cooperation. I think that's something this fandom does well; please prove me right, guys.

Important disclaimers:
1. We did not create the Demon's Lexicon, and nor are we affiliated with Sarah Rees Brennan. She's just kind enough to share her world and characters with us.
2. We didn't come up with the idea of ship wars, either. That was the wonderful cards_slash over on st_respect. Once again, we're merely borrowing.

So, um, basically we own literally nothing. But we do it with style, and that counts for some, right?

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